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Fireflies or lightning bugs
This is one of the commonly seen aquatic firefly species (Luciola ficta Olivier) in Taiwan . They thrive in abundance and become an entertaining sight on summer nights at Toucheng Farm. Here we present a transformation from eggs, to larvae, to pupa, into an adult firefly.
Insect’s classroom
Insect's of various species live in the Farm, colorful butterflies decorate and dances around during the spring and summer seasons. The metamorphosis of the rice paper butterfly is dramatically portrayed in a special plant – parsonsia laevigata.
Mullet’s Barbet
During the breeding season, if you hear the sound of “guo,guo, guo, guo” it is most likely a Muller's Barbet, it likes to live in a tree hallow. It has four colors on its face: red, yellow, blue and black, and its body is green to yellow green. Besides insects, they feed on juicy fruits and vegetables.
Taiwan Blue Magpie
Male and female Taiwan blue magpie build their nest in a tree, lay three to five eggs at a time, and only the female incubates them. Despite their attractive appearance, they could be fierce to any human disturbance of their nests, beware!

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