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Return to Nature’s Embrace

Have you ever pondered about the co-existence of man, and earth;

When over-development surrounds us with dirty waters, and polluted air?

Have you ever wanted to escape from the cities, to nature;

When over-burdened with the fast-paced lifestyle, and mounting stress?

Here, we have the closest retreat away from Taipei—

This, is where nature meets man; where you forget the hustle and bustle.

This, is where mountains meet the sea; where valleys cleanse the tired soul.

This is a natural paradise beside the metropolis.

This is Toucheng Leisure Farm.


Learn from the Nature

We are all humble beings against the grandeur of Mother Earth. It is from the solar terms that we understand the practice of ploughing in Spring, sowing in Summer, harvesting in Autumn and storing in Winter; it is from hands-on farming that we can truly empathize with the Chinese saying “every grain in your plate is the fruit of the farmers’ hard labour”.


Working Holiday

Riding on the trend of working holidays, Toucheng Leisure Farm offers you an opportunity to work in the the farm in exchange for meals and accommodation. It is hoped that through this experiential learning can we promote farming, and allow like-minded individuals interested in agriculture to understand more about it and learn from each other. If you are looking for an unconventional retreat, a working holiday at Toucheng Leisure Farm could well be for you.


Crops in the Farm

Crops of the farm vary across seasons, but here are some examples of what we have:

Fruits—Kumquat, Tangerine, Calamansi, Pomelo, Wax apple, Peaches and Plums etc.

Vegetables—Water spinach, Leek, Roselle, Sweet potato leaves, Cucumber, Eggplant etc.

Others—Rice, Makino bamboo forest, Landscaping plants etc.





On the fields, you will experience the satisfaction from your sweat and labour; after work, you can take stroll around the farm or fish by the pond; and as the night falls, bask in the sounds of nature and let them be your lullaby.

If you are wondering how you could spend your rest days, many exciting activities await! To name but a few: surfing at the beach of Wai’ao, enjoying the sea view at No.9 Café, paragliding for the more adventurous, and not to forget savoring the seafood at Daxi Fish Harbour.



Working holiday terms and conditions


Who We Are Looking For:

Responsible and proactive individuals who are passionate about life and nature


Visa Matters:

If you are a foreigner (i.e. not a Republic of China national), please obtain a valid entry visa. We regret to inform you that Toucheng Leisure Farm is unable to provide any letter of invitation or other related documents.


Insurance Matters:

The farm will be handling all work insurance matters on your behalf.



Job Description:

1. General Working Holiday

    Farm work;

    Maintenance of vegetable garden, bamboo groves and orchards;


    Pests removal;

    Fertilizer application;

    Harvesting and more;

    Note that tasks vary across seasons.


2. Professional Working Holiday (for any queries, you may contact the farm directly)

    Design and implementation of landscaping project and/or installation art;

    Writing articles and/or taking photographs for the farm’s blog.


3. Working Hours

    8 hours per day, 5 days per week

    Accommodation and 3 meals provided each day


Application Details:

Please email the following details to and kindly indicate ‘Registration for Working Holiday’ as the subject of the email:

1. Self introduction (your name, nationality, residential address, occupation), contact details and a photo of yourself

2. Your expertise, interests, and/or any other information you would like to share with us

3. Intended duration of stay

4. Briefly explain your motivations and expectations for the working holiday


We will contact you as soon as we have reviewed your application. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us at

Tel: (03)977-2222

Fax: (03)977-8688



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